Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tim, other things I'm looking forward to

Thanks Tim, now I know you and Molly have read my site. Yeah!

Yes, I am absolutely looking forward to the concert. Just ask Tami. However, I can't start ramping up until a month before the concert when I will break out the old CDs and listen to them nonstop until right before the concert. It's my fourth time seeing VH, but my first with DLR.


What may become an annual trip, (doubtful) Tami and I will be making a birthday trip to the Big Easy. I love the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, and Cat's Meow . Make sure to check the live webcam to see if you can pick us out of the stumbling crowd.


I'm also pumped about the Carr boys going camping at Possum Kingdom. I'm looking forward to building a campfire large enough to counter the forecast. Friday low: 28, Saturday low: 34. Woohoo!


Tim said...

Well, now that you're actually posting to it, I can read it! So do you read mine?

Tim said...

Good point about ramping up on the Van Halen - I haven't listened to them in a while. I know I won't ever catch you, though...