Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thoughts on the NFL

So, the Cowboys are 9-1 and playing a horrible Jets team. The last time they were 9-1 was 1983. So what happened that year? They finished the stretch by going 3-3 and lost in the wildcard game. Enjoy the ride, but lets not get too excited. Even if they make the Superbowl, they're not going to beat the Pats.

Why do so many NFL players have dreads?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Emmitt, you're dead to me

I loved you Emmitt, now get off of my TV. Emmitt you gave us 12 glorious years with the Cowboys. 17,162 rushing yards with the Boys and three titles. You were the king. Now since then:

Staying on too long and hurting your team to break the NFL rushing record
2 years with the ARIZONA CARDINALS!
Dancing with the Stars

Almost forgivable.

But you suck at TV. Mixed metaphors, Theismann-like comments, stumbling through your words, its just embarrassing. You were always a me-first, stat-hungry player and now your an awful "commentator".

Maybe you should just go run a Ford dealership, but just go away. Give me the Playmaker any day.