Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random thoughts

Why are there so many judge shows? I don't know anyone who watches them. Judge Judy makes $25 million a year. I make considerably less, but I'm more entertaining.

It bothers me that there are celebrities that don't or haven't ever done anything. Of course, Paris Hilton is the queen, but there are many more.

Can we reduced the time in between the NFL Championship games and the Super Bowl? I watch a lot of sports and I'm so sick of seeing Tom Brady. He's pretty, but please stop. Then we can have the Super Bowl on my birthday again.

Why can't I grow a beard? Dad could grow one overnight.

Speaking of shaving, if you have that chin divot, how do you shave that? Or does hair grow in there at all?

Why is there a comment on one of my blogs from someone I don't know. It's on the 70 article. What possesses someone to randomly search for personal blogs and insult me? Very bizarre.

Here's what he wrote:

Bill, As a non-guitarist, this would explain your opinion of EVH. I can probably name 170 better guitarists. There were some major omissions on that list - I have the issue at home. I have never been a VH fan for one reason - Van Halen 1 was great - and then they kept remaking it over and over again. Nothing original until the shitty keyboards on 1984. I saw them live and thought the whole concert was very contrived and way too rehearsed - I don't mean the music, I mean the bantering with the crowd and it looked like they had "blocked" where they were going to stand for every song. No spontaneity(sp?) whatsoever. I like going to a show not knowing what to expect. I will grant that they put out an occasional decent song after the 1st album, but for the most part, the later releases sounded like outtakes from that same one. Jimi Hendrix was rightfully selected as #1. He did things on the guitar that people still can't replicate today (40 years later) because no one is really sure how he did it. There are 1000s of guitarists who can play everything EVH did flawlessly. There are maybe a handful who can match Jimi (RIP SRV). Sorry for the long answer, we can discuss at more length why VH sucks over a beer sometime.Chris

Hey jerk, get your own blog and let me rip your posts!

"Lost" starts tonight and I can't wait.


Tim said...

Hey, Dude...that "Chris" is Chris Rice! HAHAHA

Molly said...

I would have guessed Chris Rice too.

That's funny.