Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thoughts on the NFL

So, the Cowboys are 9-1 and playing a horrible Jets team. The last time they were 9-1 was 1983. So what happened that year? They finished the stretch by going 3-3 and lost in the wildcard game. Enjoy the ride, but lets not get too excited. Even if they make the Superbowl, they're not going to beat the Pats.

Why do so many NFL players have dreads?

Monday, November 12, 2007

Emmitt, you're dead to me

I loved you Emmitt, now get off of my TV. Emmitt you gave us 12 glorious years with the Cowboys. 17,162 rushing yards with the Boys and three titles. You were the king. Now since then:

Staying on too long and hurting your team to break the NFL rushing record
2 years with the ARIZONA CARDINALS!
Dancing with the Stars

Almost forgivable.

But you suck at TV. Mixed metaphors, Theismann-like comments, stumbling through your words, its just embarrassing. You were always a me-first, stat-hungry player and now your an awful "commentator".

Maybe you should just go run a Ford dealership, but just go away. Give me the Playmaker any day.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

The job hunt

Well, it's been an interesting couple of days in this regard. About four months ago, I applied for a management position in the company. After what felt like a cursory interview, I was in talking with the news director and found an ally. She told me she would speak with the VP of Engineering on my behalf and put in a good word for me. She also suggested I put together a proposal, which I have. We'll see where this goes!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate HP

Why do service companies force you to give up half of a day in order to meet with them. Can you imagine if the news was like that? Well, I think we'll have enough news around the middle of the afternoon, so why don't you watch Channel 4 between noon and 5pm and we'll try and get that news to ya! How do people with real jobs deal with this? I had to have three separate companies come out last week, and it took up a lot of time.

Now on to those idiots at HP...They did decide to give me a hard time...5-6pm on a Friday evening. A little back story: My TV is one year and one month old, and guess how long my warranty is. Well, my TV has been squiggling every time a white flash hits the screen. HP has sent out a tech twice before and made the problem worse, and now this ass-clown they sent out Friday has officially destroyed my beautiful new TV. Won't even turn on. And this took him three hours to accomplish. So, to recap:

Friday, 6pm - my TV is broken but I can still watch it
Friday, 9pm - No picture, no TV and Friday night ruined

Where's my new TV?

Thanks HP, you jerk

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Stepped on the scale today and was 192!?@! WTF? I'll take it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The boy

I suppose its time to post a picture of the boy. Buckley came to us at the first of the year, and he is a pain in the ass. But he make a funny noise when he scratches his ears, he constantly runs wind sprints around the house, he does fetch (when HE wants to) and the best thing about him is that he always wants to be close to us.

He's named after LuAnn's boyfriend on King of the Hill, so you have to call him Buckalee.

Weight update

I'm going to officially weigh in at 198 lbs. Went to the grocery store last night and got better food. Also went to the gym this morning.

My weight loss goal is 23 pounds. Since 23 is my lucky number, perhaps that is a good sign.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I have a purpose

Well, I've decided that one of my purposes for this blog is to chronicle my weight loss.

Of course, as I'm typing this, I'm chewing on a Twix and Mountain Dew, two things I normally eat. But I've been eating like crap lately, and it shows.

I'll post an official weight tomorrow, but I think I can use this blog as a motivational tool. I think I need to lose about 25-30 pounds. Perhaps I can use the gym membership that I've been paying for.

I also really want to start playing golf. But it really seems like I never have the time.

My Fantasy Football Hell

So, I have started Fantasy Football again after a one-year absence and I'm not happy. Guys that suck all year that I bench all of the sudden have a huge game and I'm sick of it. I'm quitting on my team. I hope they go 0-16. Good luck to them.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here's some links

The Big Lead, Deadspin - What the Sports Guy once was to me, these are my goto links everyday. Nice blend of pop culture and sports.

Unclebarky - Great source for all things DFW TV News.

I have a definitive Lost site. This is for hardcore fans only. Great screencaps, easter eggs, spoilers and rumors.

I'm not a good dancer, but I have a signature move which I stole from the Fresh Prince of all people.

Leenks (NSFW) - Great link site for any crap you want to see on the web. I enjoy their Leenks Pictures of the Week.

Here are two other sports blogs sites:

Awful Announcing (you guys still owe me a Natrone Means jersey)

Fire Joe Morgan (this guy really doesn't like him)


More TV (and a radio) shows I enjoy

The Office (NBC) - I can't believe that NBC has a show I enjoy and I can't believe that I left this off my original list. Dwight and Jim crack me up and Michael is bigger than life. That's what she said. Looking forward to the new season and being able to use my Schrute Bucks.

Futurama (Adult Swim) - This show is slowly growing on me. Its similar to where the Simpsons were once upon a time.

Dallas Cowboys football - Is it wrong of me to enjoy football this much? I love sports as much as the next guy, but I REALLY love the Cowboys. I feel ill when I miss the game, and I'll Tivo a game I already know the outcome to. I'm devastated after a loss and absolutely giddy after a win. And I have a Tony Romo mancrush.

Tiffani Amber-Theissen Division

Fastlane (TV One) - Maybe my all-time favorite show...It was good enough for me to buy it illegally on eBay. It lasted on year on FOX and left on a nasty cliffhanger, but Tiffani is my girl.

90210 (SoapNet) - Between you and me, I shouldn't still be watching this. Actually, I've never should have watched this show. Brandon's hair is one of my great heroes.

Saved by the Bell (Everywhere) - Friends Forever by the Zach Attack, Screech melting down in real life, Slater's mullet and unnecessary wrestling subplots, The College Years, and of course my girl.

BaD Radio (1310 The Ticket) - Sure I'll listen to The Musers and the Hardline, but those shows are mailing it in these days. This show was good enough to pull me away from DP before he left. We just seem like we're on the same wavelength.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Bill's Top 5 current TV shows

1. Rescue Me (FX) - I'd like to think that I like this show for it's gripping drama, but it comes down to good action, interesting characters and they can say shit on cable TV. Everytime I watch it, I feel like they are getting away with something. It shows Irish families drinking and fighting, realistic busting of people's balls and other random highjinks. The show just seems real to me. Must see TiVO (the only way to watch TV these days).

2. Family Guy (FOX) - Although I believe this show has peaked, and the best shows now run on Adult Swim, this show can deliver from time to time. The Peter-Chicken fued, Quagmire, Cleveland, and the Stewie-Brian relationship works for me. The fact that Brian is Todd McFarlane's real voice cracks me up everytime he's interviewed.

3. King of the Hill (FOX) - This show has definately peaked. But Hank Hill is my dad. I think I appreciated this show much more when I didn't live in Texas. From the panic over snow flurries to seeing the Mexican flag things from Panchos (there will be a post on Panchos in the future) it really captures the essence of Texas and Texans. The episode where Hank finds out he is not a native Texan captures the show.

4. Making News: Texas Style (TV Guide) - What a train wreck, and that's why I love it. My business is a screwed up business and I appreciate it having started in a similar station (except for their facilities, staffing and the fact the station is in a mall). I love the fact that an entire show didn't air, their live shots keep crashing and the 10pm producer working more than 100 straight days really hits on what its like to start in the business.

5. List shows (VH1 mostly) - My love for pop culture is the overwhelming reason. It overrides any disappointment I have in why Citizen Kane continues to be the #1 movie of all time (and other various slights).

Special mention: Lost - This show will be my favorite once it actually comes back on air. I love that you can watch the show on different levels. My wife loves the show too, but she only sees the on-air show and doesn't scour the internet looking for screen grabs.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OK...Now I'm pissed

Lohan Update: Reports from say that Lindsay Lohan will probably escape real jail time for her 2nd DUI and cocaine possesion. WHAT THE ??? It really pisses me off that stars can get preferential treatment while us schlubs on the street have to do real time. Not that I've done any hard time, but that really sucks.

Spears Update: So she is turning down a chance to perform with JT. What a train wreck. I'm actually looking forward to her next meltdown. Very exciting

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dusting it off

Well...Its time to dust off the ole blog. Why a blog Bill? What will I talk about? Will Bill mention me this time? Does anybody actually read this?

All important questions that will never be answered.

Here's the deal. I don't live in Des Moines and I do live in Dallas. Glad you're caught up. Oh and I have a new dog, Buckley. He's a pain in the ass. I'll post a picture later.

Tami just had elbow surgery and she is doing much better. But since this blog is titled "theCarr" and not theTami, that's it for her.

Why am I fascinated with pop culture? I feel like I get sucked in really easily and that I should be above all that. But I'm not. It's more interesting to me that Lindsey Lohan is going to jail or learning the words to the Family Guy theme song than people trapped in coal mines or another story about how hot it is here in Texas. I do love sports...Oh how I love sports. The highlight of this blog will be the trappings of my fantasy team, Cobra Kai! Oh boy, I bet you can't wait.

It seems so lame to write a bunch of crap that no one will ever see. I'll see if people will visit.