Friday, August 24, 2007

Bill's Top 5 current TV shows

1. Rescue Me (FX) - I'd like to think that I like this show for it's gripping drama, but it comes down to good action, interesting characters and they can say shit on cable TV. Everytime I watch it, I feel like they are getting away with something. It shows Irish families drinking and fighting, realistic busting of people's balls and other random highjinks. The show just seems real to me. Must see TiVO (the only way to watch TV these days).

2. Family Guy (FOX) - Although I believe this show has peaked, and the best shows now run on Adult Swim, this show can deliver from time to time. The Peter-Chicken fued, Quagmire, Cleveland, and the Stewie-Brian relationship works for me. The fact that Brian is Todd McFarlane's real voice cracks me up everytime he's interviewed.

3. King of the Hill (FOX) - This show has definately peaked. But Hank Hill is my dad. I think I appreciated this show much more when I didn't live in Texas. From the panic over snow flurries to seeing the Mexican flag things from Panchos (there will be a post on Panchos in the future) it really captures the essence of Texas and Texans. The episode where Hank finds out he is not a native Texan captures the show.

4. Making News: Texas Style (TV Guide) - What a train wreck, and that's why I love it. My business is a screwed up business and I appreciate it having started in a similar station (except for their facilities, staffing and the fact the station is in a mall). I love the fact that an entire show didn't air, their live shots keep crashing and the 10pm producer working more than 100 straight days really hits on what its like to start in the business.

5. List shows (VH1 mostly) - My love for pop culture is the overwhelming reason. It overrides any disappointment I have in why Citizen Kane continues to be the #1 movie of all time (and other various slights).

Special mention: Lost - This show will be my favorite once it actually comes back on air. I love that you can watch the show on different levels. My wife loves the show too, but she only sees the on-air show and doesn't scour the internet looking for screen grabs.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

OK...Now I'm pissed

Lohan Update: Reports from say that Lindsay Lohan will probably escape real jail time for her 2nd DUI and cocaine possesion. WHAT THE ??? It really pisses me off that stars can get preferential treatment while us schlubs on the street have to do real time. Not that I've done any hard time, but that really sucks.

Spears Update: So she is turning down a chance to perform with JT. What a train wreck. I'm actually looking forward to her next meltdown. Very exciting

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dusting it off

Well...Its time to dust off the ole blog. Why a blog Bill? What will I talk about? Will Bill mention me this time? Does anybody actually read this?

All important questions that will never be answered.

Here's the deal. I don't live in Des Moines and I do live in Dallas. Glad you're caught up. Oh and I have a new dog, Buckley. He's a pain in the ass. I'll post a picture later.

Tami just had elbow surgery and she is doing much better. But since this blog is titled "theCarr" and not theTami, that's it for her.

Why am I fascinated with pop culture? I feel like I get sucked in really easily and that I should be above all that. But I'm not. It's more interesting to me that Lindsey Lohan is going to jail or learning the words to the Family Guy theme song than people trapped in coal mines or another story about how hot it is here in Texas. I do love sports...Oh how I love sports. The highlight of this blog will be the trappings of my fantasy team, Cobra Kai! Oh boy, I bet you can't wait.

It seems so lame to write a bunch of crap that no one will ever see. I'll see if people will visit.