Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Chicago, Doobies and some dude

Tami and I went to the Doobie Brothers / Chicago concert on Sunday evening. And I have to tell you guys, it was a blast!

These were by far the best seats I've ever had at a concert. It was hot outside, but not overwhelming seeing as we were in the shade most of the time.

First, there was some dude from Italy that opened up for them. Tami and I looked at each other and thought it was a joke, but it wasn't. This dude was a bad, bad early round American Idol ripoff, you couldn't understand him and his "theatrics" were laughable.

Doobies, minus the great Michael McDonald (You don't know me but I'm your bruuuuutha), put on a fairly pedestrian show to start off. They did play my favorite song, South City Midnight Lady, and most of their hits but there was more to come later from the band. Like I said earlier, the seats we had were awesome and we could see the bass player Skylark's (his real name) sweat flying off him. Also they have two drummers for some reason. No dueling drums or anything and they played the exact same. I'm not sure what drummer #2 has over the band, but congrats to him for pulling off something unique.

Chicago was really good and the band I was looking forward to the most. Something about a horn section that gets me excited. The bouncers let us "rush the stage" so we were able to get very close. This may sound dumb, but it was cool because the trombone player would come over every once and a while and you could here the actual trombone, not just the mic version of it. Now for the weird part of the night:

For some reason, and Tami certainly has her ideas, the lead guitar player for Chicago kept staring at me. I noticed it early on, but didn't say anything until Tami was like "that guitar player keeps staring at you." All night, after a guitar solo, he would look my way for approval. After singing lead on a couple songs, the look or a smile. Most times I would give him the fist in the air appreciation. The times I was looking at something else, Tami would tell me he was still looking at me, and was well, disappointed. Pretty weird. A friend of Tami's knows one of the band members, and after a day of gossip, we discovered he was married, but that everyone was still unsure. Tami pointed out no ring. We'll leave it at that. I did unbutton my top button, but only because it was hot being that close to the stage.

After Chicago finished their set, both bands came out and played together. This was pretty cool. Three drummers, four guitar players, three keyboards, two bass players and four horn players and about nine singers. That's when they played their real hits. Very cool! The best concert I've seen in a long time. Both Tami and I were really rocking out. And yes the guitar player was still looking at me.