Friday, January 25, 2008


Why did I add this picture? Tim was soooo proud about how many chips he had, he had to take a picture. Well, he didn't take a picture at the end of the night because all of Evan's and Tim's chips were at my end of the table.
More later....
Victory is mine!
P.S. Tim still owes me $20.


Molly said...

But did Evan win the Whoppers?

Tim said...

Yes, I owe you $20. That works out to $2 per barf, and that show was well worth it.

he who knows said...

wow a ghetto hoodie poker party with whoppers and water in plastic cups. what did it dip down to the 60's or something?

you are so damn street! Party on!

"fellas you wan't to know how out of it I am? I'm leaning up against a pair of hot chicks and I'm worried about MY WALLET!"