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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Pros vs Joes again? No it's more Mavericks

So, I assume Cuban was inundated with multiple requests for credentials. (hey, I thought I was the only one!)

So instead of anyone applying for credentials, Cuban is asking the blogger to send in writing samples. It's a little disappointing that Cuban backed off of his promise to open the locker room up to all bloggers, but I suppose he is opening it up to mavericks bloggers instead. As of March 30th, there's been about 30 responses, including thebiglead. Funny how he mentioned its Pros vs. Joes. Perhaps he is reading my blog now.

I linked to a couple of the Mavericks post on this site regarding the Jason Kidd trade, but it does not look optimistic.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Maybe the title will go back to screw you Craig

Well it took me a while, but I see now that my comments sections have expanded. Glad to see nothing has changed. Perhaps an email exchange is in order to debate what is good and bad in music, television and movies. Just because normal people like it doesn't mean it sucks.

No books, though. They suck. Magazines maybe. Or maybe we can talk NBA basketball. My franchise may suck, but at least they will be back next year.

Letter I sent to the Mavericks regarding media credentials
xxxx xxxxxxxxxx Lane Irving, TX xxxxx

March 29, 2008

Kristy Cotten
Coaches Assistant
Dallas Mavericks

RE: Request for Single Game Media Credentials

I am interested in acquiring one single game media credential for the Wednesday, April 2nd game versus the Golden State Warriors.

The credential should read:

Bill Carr

Although I am not a large website (96 visits in the last two weeks), I appreciate Mr. Cuban not discriminating against bloggers to gain access to the locker room. I also respect other media has deadlines. I would be willing in to come in as a group with other bloggers after the “mainstream” media has conducted their interviews.

I am also interested in a one-on-one interview with Mr. Cuban. I would be willing to do this on another day and I would work with his schedule.

I can be reached by email at or by phone at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

Thank you,

Bill Carr
(xxx) xxx-xxxx is a website devoted to pop culture, television, movies, books and dallas sports. It can be reached via the world wide web at

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mavericks and bloggers

On March 10th, Mark Cuban put out a memo stating that he would not allow any bloggers into the Mavericks locker room. This was allegedly in response to one blogger, Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News, who was refused because he talked about a website, Fire Avery Johnson. Cuban's reasoning was that there was not enough room in the Mavericks locker room to accommodate all bloggers. Now there are legitimate bloggers such as ESPN's True Hoop and NBA FanHouse which cover the NBA thoroughly, just in a new medium. Even Cuban has his popular blog, blog maverick.

Yesterday, the NBA stepped in and told the Mavericks they must allow bloggers. Cuban agreed, but he isn't going down without a fight. Cuban said the Mavericks will open their locker room to all credentialed bloggers, regardless of affiliation. Mavericks credentials are issued by the team. Cuban believes bloggers should be treated equally, regardless of affiliation.

"Which means we will encourage all bloggers to apply, whether they be someone on blogspot who has been posting for a couple weeks, kids blogging for their middle school Web site or those that work for big companies," wrote Cuban, a blogger himself. "We won't discriminate at all."

Hey, I'm a new blogger on Blogspot! So, I'm going to try and get credentialed through theCarr's blog. I checked the Mavericks Media guide, and the only hurdle I can see is that the credential request must come on an official letterhead. Perhaps if I had Photoshop or something (hint, Tim) I could create that letterhead.

We'll see where it goes from there.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Random television reviews

Pros vs Joes (Spike TV)

This reality show pits former professional athletes against normal "Joes", usually former high school or college athletes. The 35-40 year old contestants are pathetic enough, with their "Terminator" nicknames and trying to recapture their glorious high school days 20 years later. But I'd rather focus on the "Pros".

It could be anyone from Jerry Rice or Randall Cunningham to Kendall Gill or Kurt Angle. What is truly pathetic is retired athletes trying to maintain some kind of glory by performing on a reality show on Spike. These athletes punish the Joes and genuinely seem to be going full speed. You sure are cool WBC, WBA, IBF, IBO, NBA, WBF, and IBA light heavyweight champion Roy Jones Jr., on pounding some ordinary dude in the ring.

Futurama (Comedy Central)

Futurama is the second show from Matt Groening (The Simpsons) about a pizza delivery guy who was frozen in the year 2000 and revived 1000 years later. I'm a big fan of the animation shows like Simpsons, Family Guy, King of the Hill, etc. Two of my favorite bits in Futurama are Santa Claus is now a killing robot and the Harlem Globetrotters are math and science geniuses.

After running on FOX from 1999-2003, it was cancelled and reruns were shown on Adult Swim. The show was then picked up by Comedy Central. Four films were made that will be shown in 16 episodes on the network. I suggest you check it out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Hillary...

I usually leave the politics talk to Tim, mainly because I could care less, but one thing that does bug me is Hillary Clinton overstating her political experience.

She was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2000, basically on name recognition, and as a carpetbagger. Before that, she was first lady from 1992-2000. (She actually held both positions concurrently for a brief time). Clinton is widely regarded as the most politically influential first ladies (along with Elanor Roosevelt) but it was a position which she was not elected.

Being in the White House as first lady does count for something, but I think if people knew at the time that Hillary had that much influence on the presidency, they would have been disappointed in the political system and the idea of Co-Presidents.

Barack Obama's political experience is a little shady as well. He was a state senator. He gave a speech at the 2004 DNC, and based on that became a U.S. Senator. The difference between the two is that Obama is not touting his experience the way Clinton does.

Official Experience

Hillary Clinton: Eight years as U.S. Senator
Barack Obama: Eight years as an Illinois State Senator, Four years as a U.S. Senator

The issue that made me bring this up is Hillary's statement regarding her trip to Bosnia. In a speech in Washington on March 17 Clinton said of the Bosnia trip: "I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base." CBS News was kind enough to pull the video of this trip and its now on YouTube.

She claims to have made a mistake and mis-remembered this. However, if I was under sniper fire, I think I might remember that.

It is another case of Hillary overstating her experience, especially her foreign policy experience.

P.S. - John McCain's political experience: Four years as a U.S. Representative, 22 years as a U.S. Senator. In addition, Captain John McCain was in the Navy for 23 years, and was a POW from 1967-1973.

Monday, March 24, 2008

In case you missed it, and you did

SFA was dismissed from the NIT in the first round, 80-60 by UMass. ESPN thought so much of this game that they put it on ESPNU, or as I call it, ESPN 6. The 7th seeded Lumberjacks cut the lead to one in the second half, but then summarily gave up a 12-0 run to put them away for good.

Congrats on being the 92nd best team in the country.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Memories of childhood Easter

*Warning to Molly* You may be offended, and I may end up going to hell.

Easter is such a weird holiday. I'm not very religious, but growing up catholic it was quite the experience for the Carrs.

First there was Ash Wednesday. I never understood why they put ashes on your forehead. And later in life, it was always awkward to have the one guy at work with the ashes on, and not everybody knows why.

Lent - I never was able to give up anything for forty days. Unless it was something I didn't like to do in the first place. Then it was easier.

Stations of the Cross - This would actually be a good name for a band. I had to double-check, but we did this on Fridays during lent. I thought it was multiple times. I'm not sure why we did that either. You would think all my time in catholic school, I would remember something. We also couldn't eat meat on Fridays.

Palm Sunday - The Sunday before Easter. We got a palm then put it behind a crucifix. Was this the really long mass? I think it went on for almost two hours.

Holy Thursday - This was always fun when I was an altar boy. The priest washed your feet, in remembrance of the Last Supper.

Good Friday - Always a holiday from school, but it was a solemn day in the Carr house. It was highlighted by walking to the church for Mass. About three miles. Dad wouldn't let us talk, and I also remember one year him getting pissed when we played a Prince tape later in the day.

Easter Sunday - You know for the life of me, I can't remember what we would do for Easter. I guess we searched for eggs, but I only remember that because we would find candy later in the year. I'm positive we went to church, but can't remember that either. Plus, Dad died on Easter, so all of those memories are associated with Easter as well.

I'd like to enjoy Easter more, but I prefer Thanksgiving.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Alright, I'll wrap up the Lost talk

Sweet Sixteen

(1) Ben vs (4) Walt
(2) Kate vs (6) Christian

(1) Jack vs (4) Sayid
(2) Sawyer vs (6) Penny

(1) Jacob vs (5) Sun
(2) Desmond vs (3) Widmore

(1) Locke vs (4) Michael
(2) Hurley vs (6) Richard

Elite Eight

(1) Ben vs (6) Christian
(2) Sawyer vs (4) Sayid
(1) Jacob vs (3) Widmore
(1) Locke vs (2) Hurley

Final Four
(1) Ben vs (2) Sawyer
(3) Widmore vs (1) Locke

(1) Locke vs (1) Ben

Overall Winner - Benjamin Linus (who else?)

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lost tournament - 1st round results / 2nd Round matchups

Play in game: Yemi

DHARMA Bracket

(1) Ben vs (16) Yemi: Ben
(8) Mr. Eko vs (9) Bernard: Bernard
(5) Claire vs (12) Shannon: Claire, but close
(4) Walt vs (13) Karl: Walt
(6) Christian vs (11) Dave: Christian
(3) Smokie vs (14) DeGroots: Smokie
(7) Charlie vs (10) Mikael: Charlie
(2) Kate vs (15) Ed Mars: Kate

Losties Bracket

(1) Jack vs (16) Nikki and Paulo: Jack
(8) Rose vs (9) Ms. Hawking: Rose
(5) Aaron vs (12) Beatrice: Aaron
(4) Sayid vs (13) Arzt: Sayid
(6) Penelope vs (11) Goodwin: Penelope
(3) Juliet vs (14) Nadia: Juliet
(7) Annie vs (10) Daniel: Daniel. Annie's potential is not quite there. Maybe next year.
(2) Sawyer vs (15) Cassidy: Sawyer

Others Bracket

(1) Jacob vs (16) Diane Jannsen: Jacob
(8) Alvar Hanso vs (9) Frank Lupidus: Frank
(5) Sun vs (12) Ana Lucia: Sun
(4) Vincent vs. (13) Boone: Vincent
(6) Abaddon vs (11) Ethan Rom: Abaddon
(3) Widmore vs (14) Helen: Widmore
(7) Libby vs (10) Miles: Libby
(2) Desmond vs (15) Kelvin: Desmond

Freighter Bracket

(1) Locke vs (16) Greta and Bonnie: Locke
(8) Candle vs (9) Charlotte: Charlotte
(5) Jin vs (12) Minkowski: Jin
(4) Michael vs (13) Cooper: Michael
(6) Richard vs (11) Tom: Richard
(3) Danielle vs (14) Sarah: Danielle
(7) Alex vs (10) Naomi: Naomi - She may be dead, but she can fight
(2) Hurley vs (15) Cindy: Hurley


DHARMA Bracket
(1) Ben vs (9) Bernard
(4) Walt vs (5) Claire
(3) Smokie vs (6) Christian
(2) Kate vs (7) Charlie

Losties Bracket
(1) Jack vs (8) Rose
(4) Sayid vs (5) Aaron
(3) Juliet vs (6) Penny
(2) Sawyer vs (10) Daniel

Others Bracket
(1) Jacob vs (9) Frank
(4) Vincent vs (5) Sun
(3) Widmore vs (6) Abaddon
(2) Desmond vs (7) Libby

Freighter Bracket
(1) Locke vs (9) Charlotte
(4) Michael vs (5) Jin
(3) Danielle vs (6) Richard
(2) Hurley vs (10) Naomi

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost Tournament bracket


The Washington Post put together a lost bracket earlier this month, but I didn't think the seedings were fair. This is a little more even based on how the show plays out. Matchups are below.

Check back on Wednesday to see first round winners and matchups going into the sweet sixteen.


Play-in Game

Yemi vs. Elsa: Eko's brother vs. Sayid's future girlfriend. The fact that both are dead clearly gives nobody an advantage, but Yemi was discovered on the island.

DHARMA Bracket

(1) Ben vs (16) Yemi/Elsa: Ben calls the shots in the past, present and future while the play-in winner struggles to compete (mainly because they're dead)
(8) Mr. Eko vs (9) Bernard: Eko couldn't stand up to the Smoke Monster and Bernard can't stand up to Rose, but Bernard may have a slight edge because Eko is buried in the ground
(5) Claire vs (12) Shannon: The battle of the island hotties again could come down to one of them being dead, but because Claire is with child, that could make Shannon a more attractive pick
(4) Walt vs (13) Karl: Alex may like the hot Karl, but Walt is now taller and more ghost-like.
(6) Christian vs (11) Dave: Are they dead or alive? Does Dave even exist? Was that Christian in Jacob's chair or did Hurley make that up as well?
(3) Smokie vs (14) DeGroots: We don't know much about either of these folks except Smokie can kick a little ass, and Gerald DeGroot has a sweet beard.
(7) Charlie vs (10) Mikael: Mikael killed Charlie, but killed himself in the process; Charlie has a one-hit wonder
(2) Kate vs (15) Ed Mars: Kate smacked Mars in the face, plus Mars couldn't even last a full season. However, when we met them, Mars had Kate in handcuffs!

Losties Bracket

(1) Jack vs (16) Nikki and Paulo: Jack whines to get off the island, then whines to get back to the island, while the despised Nikki/Paulo belong in their dirt resting place.
(8) Rose vs (9) Ms. Hawking: Rose beat cancer on the island and while boring, she's still alive. Ms. Hawking can travel through time and can see the future.
(5) Aaron vs (12) Beatrice: Aaron is an O6 with a new mommy and Bea was killed by her own people, but she did watch over a taller Walt.
(4) Sayid vs (13) Arzt: The island's MacGyver vs the island's scientist. Sayid appears to be a little more careful.
(6) Penelope vs (11) Goodwin: Penny knows there are survivors and is really loaded, but Goodwin was sleeping with Juliet and Tommy Gavin's wife from Rescue Me. Tough call.
(3) Juliet vs (14) Nadia: The baby doctor that can't save any babies or Sayid's woman who is also linked to Charlie and Locke?
(7) Annie vs (10) Daniel: There is more to Annie than has been let on...Daniel is a basketcase, but also a genius, but Desmond as a constant?
(2) Sawyer vs (15) Cassidy: Sawyer pulled the wool over Cassidy for a cool $600,000, but Sawyer also ended up in jail because of her.

Others Bracket

(1) Jacob vs (16) Diane Jannsen: Jacob is the leader of the Others, is supernatural and can be seen only by Ben, Locke and Hurley. Diane sold out her own daughter (although Kate killed her husband)
(8) Alvar Hanso vs (9) Frank Lupidus: We don't know much about the mysterious Hanso, but he takes a pretty picture. Frank could have been the pilot of 815 and might be on the bottom of the ocean.
(5) Sun vs (12) Ana Lucia: Sun revealed as an O6 makes her standing a little stronger. Ana Lucia should have had a bigger part in the story, but people just didn't like her. So now she's dead.
(4) Vincent vs. (13) Boone: It just seems like there is more to Vincent than meets the eye. Why is he around. Boone goes down as the first major character to die.
(6) Abaddon vs (11) Ethan Rom: Abaddon may be taking orders from Widmore, or is he a product of Smokie? Ethan was the first creepy bad guy, but periodically still shows up...
(3) Widmore vs (14) Helen: Ole' Helen broke Locke's heart that sent him to crazytown. Widmore seems to be in competition with Ben over the island, but what are his real motives?
(7) Libby vs (10) Miles: Libby is connected to Desmond and Hurley, two of the big boys in the show. Is Miles working with Ben, Widmore or on his own? Does he possess supernatural powers?
(2) Desmond vs (15) Kelvin: Desmond killed Kelvin, who was a military man to begin with. Who do you think is winning this matchup, brotha?

Freighter Bracket

(1) Locke vs (16) Greta and Bonnie: Locke currently leads a section of the losties, but he himself seems a little lost without Ben. Greta and Bonnie put a hurting on Charlie, but dead=dead.
(8) Candle vs (9) Charlotte: Why does Candle's arm not work and why does he use aliases? Charlotte has beat up on Kate and Juliet, so she's got that going for her.
(5) Jin vs (12) Minkowski: Is Jin dead or alive? He gets bonus points for learning English. Minkowski should have been a bigger character, but alas only lasted one episode.
(4) Michael vs (13) Cooper: Former Phoenix Sun Kevin Johnson has a lot of explaining to do as to where he was for the last year. Cooper screwed over Sawyer as a kid and Locke as an adult, but he got his due in the end
(6) Richard vs (11) Tom: How old is Richard? Is the island a fountain of youth or is it just the time travel thing. Mr. Friendly was a "good" bad guy and took one in the gut from Sawyer
(3) Danielle vs (14) Sarah: How has Danielle lived on the island for16 years alone? Are those the same clothes? Sarah screwed up Jack pretty good, and may be hooling up with Ben.
(7) Alex vs (10) Naomi: Danielle's daughter is 19 in real life, so it's ok to think unusual thoughts about her. Naomi leads the team of rescuers but she's killed by Locke so again the dead thing is working against her.
(2) Hurley vs (15) Cindy: Hurley in my opinion is the key to the entire story. Cindy has been in 10 episodes, but do you remember her at all?


Why must my teams disappoint?

So on top of the Cowboys losing the last two years in their first playoff game, the Mavericks losing horribly in their last two playoffs, the Rangers constantly stinking, I now have the SFA Lumberjacks to be disappointed in.

After finishing 25-4 and in first place in the Southland Conference, they were poised to go to the NCAA tournament for the first itme ever. After Lamar, the #2 seed, was knocked out, it seemed enevitable. Well, I forgot it was a team that I rooted for, so they promptly went out and lost to the fifth seeded team, 15-18 Northwestern State. The Jacks were up by 17 in the first half, but managed to throw it away. And of course, the final would have been SFA vs. the seventh seed, UT-Arlington, who they would have killed and gone to the tournament. Instead, UT-Arlington beat NW State.

P.S. The Jacks do have an automatic bid to the NIT Tournament because they won the regular season. Whoopee!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

theCarr Hall of Fame

Inductee #2 - Eddie Van Halen

When David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985, it was assumed that it was because of Roth's flamboyant behavior and stage persona, as well as wanting to pursue a solo career. Well since then, the changes in the band include:

Lead Singer
1985-1996: Sammy Hagar
1996: Mitch Malloy
1996: David Lee Roth
1996-1999: Gary Cherone
1999-2003: Nothing
2003-2005: Sammy Hagar
2006-present: David Lee Roth

1985-2005: Michael Anthony
2006-present: Wolfgang Van Halen

So there were seven lineup changes since DLR left originally, including six lead singers. Methinks the problem isn't with the lead singer, but someone else in the band. That leaves two original members. Alex Van Halen has never played a gig without his brother, so it's probably not him. That leaves our poster child for dysfunction, Eddie Van Halen, as the cancer in the band.

I watched him in an interview with Howard Stern and I think the guy is just straight up nuts. Throw in 35 years of drinking and drugs, a hip replacement and mouth cancer and the train wreck ensues.

So congrats, EVH, you're straight up batty, berserk, bonkers, cracked, crazed, cuckoo, daft, delirious, demented, deranged, dingy, dippy, erratic, flaky, flipped, flipped out, freaked out, fruity, haywire, idiotic, insane, kooky, lunatic, mad, maniacal, mental, moonstruck, nuts, nutty, potty, psycho, screw loose, screwball, screwy, silly, touched, unbalanced, unglued, unhinged, unzipped, wacky, whacko (thanks


Police say former "Gilligan's Island" actress, Dawn Wells, had 4 half-smoked joints in car

Monday, March 10, 2008

The greatest debate of all time

I think it is the most important question that has not been relevant for 1000 years.

What year will we start calling it "Twenty-...", instead of "Two Thousand-..."??

For instance, we say "two-thousand eight" instead of "twenty oh eight"? Why?

In 1999, a friend and I had a great debate as to what year we would change over, and secondly, why we said "two-thousand" and two-thousand one" to begin with. We literally debated this topic for days.

He contended that in two or three years people would naturally shorten it because that was how we called every year up until then.

I felt that because of the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey", people would pronounce it "two thousand one". In addition, it is the same amount of syllables in "two thousand one" and twenty oh one". You can't say "twenty one" because it sounds like, well, 21.

For me, the critical year is 2010 for the exact same reasons. The movie "2010" was pronounced "Twenty ten" and because you can lose a syllable if you say "twenty ten" instead of two thousand ten". People are lazy and will shorten a sentence if they can.

Now that we are much closer, I hear it both ways. Will the Super Bowl be in Dallas in "twenty eleven" or two thousand eleven"? Maybe it lasts until 2013. "Two thousand thirteen" is a mouthful. "Twenty thirteen" comes off much smoother.

I'd like to hear your opinions. This is what keeps me up at night.

Van Halen tour postponed

After postponing a handful of dates last week in order for guitarist Eddie Van Halen to undergo tests for an unspecified medical condition, Van Halen is postponing all tour activity until April 19.

Well, who knows now. The tour was supposed to start up again on the 11th. Rumor has it that Eddie was drinking again. Wolfgang got pissed about it during a concert and wouldn't talk to him, causing Eddie to destroy his guitar and amps. Here's the video. Towards the end of the video you can see it.

Dallas is now the third of three dates actually scheduled, with the tour starting again in Las Vegas. On the right tab is a poll as to whether or not VH will play.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

3-3-08 RIP

"The Van Halen concerts in Dallas, Cincinnati, Raleigh, and Baltimore have been postponed. According to Eddie Van Halen's physician, he is undergoing a battery of comprehensive medical tests to determine a defined diagnosis and recommended medical procedures.

Boy, that sounds encouraging. Is he out with a hip? face cancer? Bertinellitis?

The last time I went to a VH concert was in 1995, so needless to say, I was looking forward to this one. The concert is rescheduled for April 24th. This is the final date of the tour. This means they will need to play 19 more dates before they get to Dallas. The chances of that happening are, how they say, less than 100%. It's frustrating to me on so many levels, but when, err...if this show gets cancelled, I lose Ticketmaster's wonderful processing fees.

On the upside, if the concert does happen, it's probably the last time these guys will ever play together, so I got that going for me.

Thanks to Tim, who helped me drown my sorrows and let me beat him at 9-ball.

theCarr Hall of Fame

For a blog with 44 posts, this may be quite a leap, but what the hell. I'll post a HoF nominee every so often.

tCHoF Nominee #1 - Emmitt Smith (the Wordsmith) did the dirty work for me, but Emmitt Smith is a first ballot HOF. Congratulations, Emmitt, you've successfully removed all of my images of you as a football player and replaced them with this. Can you even remember when Emmitt played football?

Like Ruth or Chamberlain, Emmitt the Wordsmith achieved legendary status in my mind. It could be:

Grammatical - "He turn around and go deep on Dre' Bly"

Factual - Attempting to quote Jimmy V's "Don't give up. Don't ever give up." "Don't quit. Don't ever quit."

Biting analysis - "The leadership definitely have to come from the leaders."

!$)%# - "Eli Manning has been given the rice of passage."

HOF worthy -

"Don't worry about the game you just won or the team that we just blew out... uhhh... blown... blown out... Let's think about what we need to do going forward, and they had... blown out. "

"You cannot change the stripes of a leopard."

"...Go to Arizona, sharp as a whistle, and do some finishing touches, so we can go down in the Super Bowl and play our best football of the whole entire season."

"The strength of the Patriots, their offense, got... DEBACLED."

Congratulations Emmitt, you set the bar high