Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ranking Van Halen members

The albums are out of the way, so here are the members in my order of greatness:

1.) Eddie Van Halen - He revolutionized the way the guitar is played. The soul of Van Halen, he is not matched. You know where Rolling Stone Magazine placed him in the 100 greatest guitarists of all time? 70. Yes 70. You saw that right. 70. You know what, that's getting its own post.

2.) David Lee Roth - The debate between Sammy and Dave is really not a debate at all. DLR is the king. Great front man, but the problem was he knew it.

3.) Alex Van Halen - My greatest concert memory is his drum solo from the ou812 tour. He played the drums and made it sound like a freaking motorcycle. I'll never forget that.

4.) Sammy Hagar - Who knew that VH could be successful after Roth left the band. It changed their sound and they became very commercial, but man I loved that first album. He could play guitar, so that allowed for Eddie to play keyboards, but I'll forgive him for that.

5.) Michael Anthony - Much maligned member of the group. At least by my family. He never did anything to hurt the band. He played bass for god sake. What could he do? He was very cool in concert. He pulled a Belushi on a bottle of Jack. Jack Daniels was my drink of choice in high school.

6.) Wolfgang Van Halen - Unknown, but come on, Wolfgang?

7,000,000.) Gary Cherone - I mentioned this earlier, but I really liked him in Extreme. Great voice, but did not do well with this band. Actually, very embarrassing.

8. & 9.) Mark Stone, Mitch Malloy - Look 'em up.

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