Thursday, January 31, 2008

Random thoughts

Why are there so many judge shows? I don't know anyone who watches them. Judge Judy makes $25 million a year. I make considerably less, but I'm more entertaining.

It bothers me that there are celebrities that don't or haven't ever done anything. Of course, Paris Hilton is the queen, but there are many more.

Can we reduced the time in between the NFL Championship games and the Super Bowl? I watch a lot of sports and I'm so sick of seeing Tom Brady. He's pretty, but please stop. Then we can have the Super Bowl on my birthday again.

Why can't I grow a beard? Dad could grow one overnight.

Speaking of shaving, if you have that chin divot, how do you shave that? Or does hair grow in there at all?

Why is there a comment on one of my blogs from someone I don't know. It's on the 70 article. What possesses someone to randomly search for personal blogs and insult me? Very bizarre.

Here's what he wrote:

Bill, As a non-guitarist, this would explain your opinion of EVH. I can probably name 170 better guitarists. There were some major omissions on that list - I have the issue at home. I have never been a VH fan for one reason - Van Halen 1 was great - and then they kept remaking it over and over again. Nothing original until the shitty keyboards on 1984. I saw them live and thought the whole concert was very contrived and way too rehearsed - I don't mean the music, I mean the bantering with the crowd and it looked like they had "blocked" where they were going to stand for every song. No spontaneity(sp?) whatsoever. I like going to a show not knowing what to expect. I will grant that they put out an occasional decent song after the 1st album, but for the most part, the later releases sounded like outtakes from that same one. Jimi Hendrix was rightfully selected as #1. He did things on the guitar that people still can't replicate today (40 years later) because no one is really sure how he did it. There are 1000s of guitarists who can play everything EVH did flawlessly. There are maybe a handful who can match Jimi (RIP SRV). Sorry for the long answer, we can discuss at more length why VH sucks over a beer sometime.Chris

Hey jerk, get your own blog and let me rip your posts!

"Lost" starts tonight and I can't wait.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Buckley is a booze hound

Buckley likes alcohol. I'm not proud of it (wink, wink) but he will follow around a glass of wine or a bottle of beer like he's in a trance. Don't leave your glass around him. Atali took these pictures of him.

Once again, Shelby is in the background not paying attention to anything or anybody.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Orleans

There are no pictures of the trip (probably a good thing) because I had the battery backwards in the camera. That's my college degree hard at work...


Cat's Meow (It never disappoints)

Another bar that played great soul music (the white boy sax player was awesome)

The fact you could walk down Bourbon and listen to 8-10 live bands playing within a 5 block area.

Walking to Cafe Du Monde to get Tami beignets

The incredible food down there. I could live on red beans and rice, gumbo and shrimp

For some reason, every time I go to a casino, I am convinced that this is the time I make a killing. I'm sure everybody feels that way, but I really thought this was the time. 20 minutes later I'm down $60 and I want to cry.

Tami feeling sick that we thought a hospital visit was in order, than five minutes later she was fine and back on track.

The relatively easy flight (except I didn't know you had to take out your toiletries in your carry-on). Props to Tami for convincing me not to check baggage and carry everything on.
Overall, a great trip and I can't wait to get back!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Why did I add this picture? Tim was soooo proud about how many chips he had, he had to take a picture. Well, he didn't take a picture at the end of the night because all of Evan's and Tim's chips were at my end of the table.
More later....
Victory is mine!
P.S. Tim still owes me $20.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Devil Dog

Atali took this picture a while back, but I swear he is not possessed. Click on it to see it bigger.


Rolling Stone put out an article in 2003 regarding the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time.

Man, do I have issue with this. In my mind, Eddie is #1. Really. He's the greatest. Rolling Stone seems to think he is #70. Wow. You may be able to make an argument for these guitarists:

Jimi Hendrix
Eric Clapton
Jimmy Paige
Robert Johnson
B.B. King

That's it.

You want to know who they think is better? Here's some names:

2. Duane Allman (really, the second greatest guitar player of all time)
8. Ry Cooder
11. Kirk Hammett
12. Kurt Cobain
17. Jack White
You know what, there's too many. Look at the link above and be outraged yourself. Note there is no Steve Vai, Pete Townshend is 50 and Angus Young is 96. What a frickin joke.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ranking Van Halen members

The albums are out of the way, so here are the members in my order of greatness:

1.) Eddie Van Halen - He revolutionized the way the guitar is played. The soul of Van Halen, he is not matched. You know where Rolling Stone Magazine placed him in the 100 greatest guitarists of all time? 70. Yes 70. You saw that right. 70. You know what, that's getting its own post.

2.) David Lee Roth - The debate between Sammy and Dave is really not a debate at all. DLR is the king. Great front man, but the problem was he knew it.

3.) Alex Van Halen - My greatest concert memory is his drum solo from the ou812 tour. He played the drums and made it sound like a freaking motorcycle. I'll never forget that.

4.) Sammy Hagar - Who knew that VH could be successful after Roth left the band. It changed their sound and they became very commercial, but man I loved that first album. He could play guitar, so that allowed for Eddie to play keyboards, but I'll forgive him for that.

5.) Michael Anthony - Much maligned member of the group. At least by my family. He never did anything to hurt the band. He played bass for god sake. What could he do? He was very cool in concert. He pulled a Belushi on a bottle of Jack. Jack Daniels was my drink of choice in high school.

6.) Wolfgang Van Halen - Unknown, but come on, Wolfgang?

7,000,000.) Gary Cherone - I mentioned this earlier, but I really liked him in Extreme. Great voice, but did not do well with this band. Actually, very embarrassing.

8. & 9.) Mark Stone, Mitch Malloy - Look 'em up.

Ranking Van Halen albums

I've got my juices flowing (ewww) about VH, so here are some random rankings:

Best Album

1.) 5150 - Great first album for Sammy. Revitalized the group. Sammy singing at his best.
Songs to enjoy: Summer Nights, Get Up, Best of Both Worlds

2.) 1984 - DLR peaked in this album, but he also went LSD (Lead Singer Disease) on the band. That's according to Eddie at least. Leaps up a notch or two for the Hot For Teacher video.
Songs to enjoy: Drop Dead Legs, Top Jimmy

3a.) Women and Children First - Really underrated and commercially unsuccessful. See 3b.
Songs to enjoy: Everybody Wants Some, In a Simple Rhyme
3b.) Fair Warning - So, VH made this album right after WaCF, and when I bought the tape (!) they were packaged together, making that tape a killer. These two albums together are #1. Not only did I wear the tape out, but I got in a car wreck listening to it.
Songs to Enjoy: Dirty Movies, So This is Love

4.) Van Halen - Very successful debut album and Eruption was groundbreaking. This album peaked at #19. Can you believe that?
Songs to Enjoy: Atomic Punk, Ice Cream Man

5.) OU812 - Van Halen's response to DLR's Eat 'em and Smile. This album was really hot during my prime high school years, so I listened to it quite a bit, doesn't quite hold up as well.
Songs to enjoy: Cabo Wabo, Black and Blue, A.F.U.

6.) Diver Down - VH had a ton of covers on this album, but man there were some cool songs on this album.
Songs to Enjoy: Cathedral, Little Guitars, and Big Bad Bill (of course)

7.) Van Halen II - Eddie is really good on this album. Pretty dark album for the guys, overall not great.
Songs to enjoy: Somebody Get Me A Doctor, Spanish Fly

8.) For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge - Not much to say about this album, other than Right Now was kinda a phenomenon and a great track for the Delt video.
Songs to enjoy: Poundcake, 316

9.) Balance - whew, too much crappy instrumental. I did not like this album at all. I hardly listen to anything on this album anymore.
Song to enjoy: Amsterdam

10.) Van Halen III - I really shouldn't acknowledge this album, but I did buy it hoping for something. I really liked Extreme and thought Gary Cherone could hang with the band. He couldn't. For god's sake, Eddie sang on it.
Song to enjoy: Without You

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Well, I guess the Cowboy haters were right

Man, its tough to be a Dallas fan.

First, the Mavs kill us two years in a row and now the Boys too.

Its been 11 years since the Cowboys have won a playoff game (a Wildcard game to boot) and after six losses, they just can't get that monkey off their back.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Tim, other things I'm looking forward to

Thanks Tim, now I know you and Molly have read my site. Yeah!

Yes, I am absolutely looking forward to the concert. Just ask Tami. However, I can't start ramping up until a month before the concert when I will break out the old CDs and listen to them nonstop until right before the concert. It's my fourth time seeing VH, but my first with DLR.


What may become an annual trip, (doubtful) Tami and I will be making a birthday trip to the Big Easy. I love the food, the drinks, the atmosphere, and Cat's Meow . Make sure to check the live webcam to see if you can pick us out of the stumbling crowd.


I'm also pumped about the Carr boys going camping at Possum Kingdom. I'm looking forward to building a campfire large enough to counter the forecast. Friday low: 28, Saturday low: 34. Woohoo!

Things I'm angry about today


I am so frustrated with everybody's upset pick, the Giants. I know I hated on the Boys earlier, but now I'm pissed at sports announcers everywhere. 5 of 10 ESPN "experts" pick the Giants. Are you kidding? The Cowboys beat them twice this year, (by double-digits both times), they're playing at home and are rested.

Here is an interesting article from FOX Sports.

"The Divisional Playoff round of the NFL postseason has produced the most lopsided scores as the teams that have earned the right to rest through the Wildcard round have owned their visiting foes. In fact, the average margin of victory in this round has been 13.9 PPG."

"Since ’93, only four NFC road teams have won straight up in the divisional round against 24 losses."

"5th and 6th seeds in the NFC are just 1-10 (straight up) & 3-8 (against the spread) in their last 11 games in this round. "

At least Madden '08 simulation has them winning 31-10.


I was so excited to see the Lumberjacks basketball team off to a great start. They were 11-1 and have wins over SMU and Oklahoma (!). I was so excited that I put that thing on the side of the page. Well, since then, they are now 0-1 in conference with a loss to Nicholls St (6-10, 1-0) and my dreams of a first-ever tournament bid are severely damaged. Aww damn.

Shooting fish in a barrel

On Saturday's "Sunday NFL Countdown"??? , when talking about the Patriots legacy, our favorite announcing whipping boy shorted the '72 Dolphins, twice.

Since when were they 16-0? I suppose they were before the Superbowl, but I doubt that's what he wanted to say.

I grew up in Dallas, but I can't take it anymore. How much can ESPN take? Emmitt, they talk to you maybe five times in the show to make a point. Collect your thoughts before they throw to you and stop making me hate you. It's just comical now.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Things I'm looking forward to


National Treasure


Bret Michaels Rock of Love II
Lost (Jan. 31)
Reno 911

This long night being over. (Thanks BCS and FOX)

The Cowboys now

So, now they're 13-3, #1 seed, and sputtering to the playoffs. Everyone thinks they will stink against the Giants, but I think they'll smoke 'em.

Why am I not interested in the Cowboys?

Maybe its work and the Cowboys overlaod I get from our "Super Season" (their words not mine)coverage. Maybe its because I have to work every Sunday, but the games arent that much fun to watch.

Very sad....