Sunday, March 16, 2008

Why must my teams disappoint?

So on top of the Cowboys losing the last two years in their first playoff game, the Mavericks losing horribly in their last two playoffs, the Rangers constantly stinking, I now have the SFA Lumberjacks to be disappointed in.

After finishing 25-4 and in first place in the Southland Conference, they were poised to go to the NCAA tournament for the first itme ever. After Lamar, the #2 seed, was knocked out, it seemed enevitable. Well, I forgot it was a team that I rooted for, so they promptly went out and lost to the fifth seeded team, 15-18 Northwestern State. The Jacks were up by 17 in the first half, but managed to throw it away. And of course, the final would have been SFA vs. the seventh seed, UT-Arlington, who they would have killed and gone to the tournament. Instead, UT-Arlington beat NW State.

P.S. The Jacks do have an automatic bid to the NIT Tournament because they won the regular season. Whoopee!

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