Sunday, March 16, 2008

Lost Tournament bracket


The Washington Post put together a lost bracket earlier this month, but I didn't think the seedings were fair. This is a little more even based on how the show plays out. Matchups are below.

Check back on Wednesday to see first round winners and matchups going into the sweet sixteen.


Play-in Game

Yemi vs. Elsa: Eko's brother vs. Sayid's future girlfriend. The fact that both are dead clearly gives nobody an advantage, but Yemi was discovered on the island.

DHARMA Bracket

(1) Ben vs (16) Yemi/Elsa: Ben calls the shots in the past, present and future while the play-in winner struggles to compete (mainly because they're dead)
(8) Mr. Eko vs (9) Bernard: Eko couldn't stand up to the Smoke Monster and Bernard can't stand up to Rose, but Bernard may have a slight edge because Eko is buried in the ground
(5) Claire vs (12) Shannon: The battle of the island hotties again could come down to one of them being dead, but because Claire is with child, that could make Shannon a more attractive pick
(4) Walt vs (13) Karl: Alex may like the hot Karl, but Walt is now taller and more ghost-like.
(6) Christian vs (11) Dave: Are they dead or alive? Does Dave even exist? Was that Christian in Jacob's chair or did Hurley make that up as well?
(3) Smokie vs (14) DeGroots: We don't know much about either of these folks except Smokie can kick a little ass, and Gerald DeGroot has a sweet beard.
(7) Charlie vs (10) Mikael: Mikael killed Charlie, but killed himself in the process; Charlie has a one-hit wonder
(2) Kate vs (15) Ed Mars: Kate smacked Mars in the face, plus Mars couldn't even last a full season. However, when we met them, Mars had Kate in handcuffs!

Losties Bracket

(1) Jack vs (16) Nikki and Paulo: Jack whines to get off the island, then whines to get back to the island, while the despised Nikki/Paulo belong in their dirt resting place.
(8) Rose vs (9) Ms. Hawking: Rose beat cancer on the island and while boring, she's still alive. Ms. Hawking can travel through time and can see the future.
(5) Aaron vs (12) Beatrice: Aaron is an O6 with a new mommy and Bea was killed by her own people, but she did watch over a taller Walt.
(4) Sayid vs (13) Arzt: The island's MacGyver vs the island's scientist. Sayid appears to be a little more careful.
(6) Penelope vs (11) Goodwin: Penny knows there are survivors and is really loaded, but Goodwin was sleeping with Juliet and Tommy Gavin's wife from Rescue Me. Tough call.
(3) Juliet vs (14) Nadia: The baby doctor that can't save any babies or Sayid's woman who is also linked to Charlie and Locke?
(7) Annie vs (10) Daniel: There is more to Annie than has been let on...Daniel is a basketcase, but also a genius, but Desmond as a constant?
(2) Sawyer vs (15) Cassidy: Sawyer pulled the wool over Cassidy for a cool $600,000, but Sawyer also ended up in jail because of her.

Others Bracket

(1) Jacob vs (16) Diane Jannsen: Jacob is the leader of the Others, is supernatural and can be seen only by Ben, Locke and Hurley. Diane sold out her own daughter (although Kate killed her husband)
(8) Alvar Hanso vs (9) Frank Lupidus: We don't know much about the mysterious Hanso, but he takes a pretty picture. Frank could have been the pilot of 815 and might be on the bottom of the ocean.
(5) Sun vs (12) Ana Lucia: Sun revealed as an O6 makes her standing a little stronger. Ana Lucia should have had a bigger part in the story, but people just didn't like her. So now she's dead.
(4) Vincent vs. (13) Boone: It just seems like there is more to Vincent than meets the eye. Why is he around. Boone goes down as the first major character to die.
(6) Abaddon vs (11) Ethan Rom: Abaddon may be taking orders from Widmore, or is he a product of Smokie? Ethan was the first creepy bad guy, but periodically still shows up...
(3) Widmore vs (14) Helen: Ole' Helen broke Locke's heart that sent him to crazytown. Widmore seems to be in competition with Ben over the island, but what are his real motives?
(7) Libby vs (10) Miles: Libby is connected to Desmond and Hurley, two of the big boys in the show. Is Miles working with Ben, Widmore or on his own? Does he possess supernatural powers?
(2) Desmond vs (15) Kelvin: Desmond killed Kelvin, who was a military man to begin with. Who do you think is winning this matchup, brotha?

Freighter Bracket

(1) Locke vs (16) Greta and Bonnie: Locke currently leads a section of the losties, but he himself seems a little lost without Ben. Greta and Bonnie put a hurting on Charlie, but dead=dead.
(8) Candle vs (9) Charlotte: Why does Candle's arm not work and why does he use aliases? Charlotte has beat up on Kate and Juliet, so she's got that going for her.
(5) Jin vs (12) Minkowski: Is Jin dead or alive? He gets bonus points for learning English. Minkowski should have been a bigger character, but alas only lasted one episode.
(4) Michael vs (13) Cooper: Former Phoenix Sun Kevin Johnson has a lot of explaining to do as to where he was for the last year. Cooper screwed over Sawyer as a kid and Locke as an adult, but he got his due in the end
(6) Richard vs (11) Tom: How old is Richard? Is the island a fountain of youth or is it just the time travel thing. Mr. Friendly was a "good" bad guy and took one in the gut from Sawyer
(3) Danielle vs (14) Sarah: How has Danielle lived on the island for16 years alone? Are those the same clothes? Sarah screwed up Jack pretty good, and may be hooling up with Ben.
(7) Alex vs (10) Naomi: Danielle's daughter is 19 in real life, so it's ok to think unusual thoughts about her. Naomi leads the team of rescuers but she's killed by Locke so again the dead thing is working against her.
(2) Hurley vs (15) Cindy: Hurley in my opinion is the key to the entire story. Cindy has been in 10 episodes, but do you remember her at all?


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