Friday, March 28, 2008

Mavericks and bloggers

On March 10th, Mark Cuban put out a memo stating that he would not allow any bloggers into the Mavericks locker room. This was allegedly in response to one blogger, Tim McMahon of the Dallas Morning News, who was refused because he talked about a website, Fire Avery Johnson. Cuban's reasoning was that there was not enough room in the Mavericks locker room to accommodate all bloggers. Now there are legitimate bloggers such as ESPN's True Hoop and NBA FanHouse which cover the NBA thoroughly, just in a new medium. Even Cuban has his popular blog, blog maverick.

Yesterday, the NBA stepped in and told the Mavericks they must allow bloggers. Cuban agreed, but he isn't going down without a fight. Cuban said the Mavericks will open their locker room to all credentialed bloggers, regardless of affiliation. Mavericks credentials are issued by the team. Cuban believes bloggers should be treated equally, regardless of affiliation.

"Which means we will encourage all bloggers to apply, whether they be someone on blogspot who has been posting for a couple weeks, kids blogging for their middle school Web site or those that work for big companies," wrote Cuban, a blogger himself. "We won't discriminate at all."

Hey, I'm a new blogger on Blogspot! So, I'm going to try and get credentialed through theCarr's blog. I checked the Mavericks Media guide, and the only hurdle I can see is that the credential request must come on an official letterhead. Perhaps if I had Photoshop or something (hint, Tim) I could create that letterhead.

We'll see where it goes from there.

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