Saturday, September 29, 2007

I hate HP

Why do service companies force you to give up half of a day in order to meet with them. Can you imagine if the news was like that? Well, I think we'll have enough news around the middle of the afternoon, so why don't you watch Channel 4 between noon and 5pm and we'll try and get that news to ya! How do people with real jobs deal with this? I had to have three separate companies come out last week, and it took up a lot of time.

Now on to those idiots at HP...They did decide to give me a hard time...5-6pm on a Friday evening. A little back story: My TV is one year and one month old, and guess how long my warranty is. Well, my TV has been squiggling every time a white flash hits the screen. HP has sent out a tech twice before and made the problem worse, and now this ass-clown they sent out Friday has officially destroyed my beautiful new TV. Won't even turn on. And this took him three hours to accomplish. So, to recap:

Friday, 6pm - my TV is broken but I can still watch it
Friday, 9pm - No picture, no TV and Friday night ruined

Where's my new TV?

Thanks HP, you jerk

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Unhappy HP Customers said...

I had somewhat similar of a problem. We had spent months thinking our poor quality reception was cable service provider related, but after the cable company sent an advanced technician out we realized it wasn't the cable service but the tv. After escalating with HP we received a replacement tv which had the same problem from the start and completely failed within 30 days. After 2 more months of painful escalations we are now 2 weeks into our 3rd hp tv, which seems to be working fine now (but we've only had it two weeks).

Lesson learned: HP really shouldn't be in the tv business. Avoid purchase of another HP product!