Saturday, September 22, 2007

Here's some links

The Big Lead, Deadspin - What the Sports Guy once was to me, these are my goto links everyday. Nice blend of pop culture and sports.

Unclebarky - Great source for all things DFW TV News.

I have a definitive Lost site. This is for hardcore fans only. Great screencaps, easter eggs, spoilers and rumors.

I'm not a good dancer, but I have a signature move which I stole from the Fresh Prince of all people.

Leenks (NSFW) - Great link site for any crap you want to see on the web. I enjoy their Leenks Pictures of the Week.

Here are two other sports blogs sites:

Awful Announcing (you guys still owe me a Natrone Means jersey)

Fire Joe Morgan (this guy really doesn't like him)


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