Saturday, September 22, 2007

More TV (and a radio) shows I enjoy

The Office (NBC) - I can't believe that NBC has a show I enjoy and I can't believe that I left this off my original list. Dwight and Jim crack me up and Michael is bigger than life. That's what she said. Looking forward to the new season and being able to use my Schrute Bucks.

Futurama (Adult Swim) - This show is slowly growing on me. Its similar to where the Simpsons were once upon a time.

Dallas Cowboys football - Is it wrong of me to enjoy football this much? I love sports as much as the next guy, but I REALLY love the Cowboys. I feel ill when I miss the game, and I'll Tivo a game I already know the outcome to. I'm devastated after a loss and absolutely giddy after a win. And I have a Tony Romo mancrush.

Tiffani Amber-Theissen Division

Fastlane (TV One) - Maybe my all-time favorite show...It was good enough for me to buy it illegally on eBay. It lasted on year on FOX and left on a nasty cliffhanger, but Tiffani is my girl.

90210 (SoapNet) - Between you and me, I shouldn't still be watching this. Actually, I've never should have watched this show. Brandon's hair is one of my great heroes.

Saved by the Bell (Everywhere) - Friends Forever by the Zach Attack, Screech melting down in real life, Slater's mullet and unnecessary wrestling subplots, The College Years, and of course my girl.

BaD Radio (1310 The Ticket) - Sure I'll listen to The Musers and the Hardline, but those shows are mailing it in these days. This show was good enough to pull me away from DP before he left. We just seem like we're on the same wavelength.

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