Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ron Washington is a fraud

Ron is a teacher and winner who brings a great deal of integrity to our organization," said Daniels. "He is a straight-forward, energetic baseball man who we're excited to have lead the Rangers." - Jon Daniels, Texas Rangers GM

During his time with the A's, he helped Oakland lead the league in the fielding percentage in 2004 and 2005. Over the last five seasons Oakland posted the third-best fielding percentage in the league. - Texas Rangers press release, October 2006

Washington was supposed to bring the "Moneyball" philosophy to the Rangers, working pitch counts, moving runners over, strong defense, all of the small things that make a small market team competitive. Forget the fact that the Rangers are in the 5th largest market.

The Rangers lead the league in errors. Worst in the league in fielding percentage. Worst in the league with runners in scoring position. You get the idea.

The guy never once managed in the Major League, which is fine, except that he admits to learning the job on the fly. As did our 27-year-old GM. The franchise is a joke and will always be a joke. The greatest Ranger (Nolan) played for the team for five years, at the tail end of his career, which is 2 years less than two other teams. His fourth team he won a World Series with.

The Rangers are once again in last place, no direction, 21st highest payroll. Great to be a fan.

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