Saturday, April 12, 2008


(Careful, there are topless photos of Bill included)

We got back from Mexico on Thursday, and thank god we were not flying American. We looked into staying an extra day, but it just was not in the cards.

Funniest line of the trip goes to Tami at the airport. The maximum weight for the luggage is 50 lbs (or a $50 fine). Our suitcase weighed 52 lbs until Tami goes "Towel rack Homer". This is in reference to an old Simpsons episode:

The luggage actually weighed 48 lbs once I pulled my fat stomach off of it.

The resort was fantastic. Best place we've stayed in bar none. The restaurants at the resort all had great food, except there was little actual Mexican food. Great Italian food for some reason. The booze was plentiful and free...not a good combination. We took a trip to a Mexican water park where we got to hang with two sea lions, Pepe and Lulu. The swimming with dolphins is so played out. We were the only two hanging with the lions. Did I mention the booze was free?

Wish we could have stayed longer.

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