Saturday, April 05, 2008

Off until at least Friday

I'm flying to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico until Thursday. When I get back, I'll post pictures of the trip. Until then, enjoys these links:

Cousins of Ron Mexico
Ron Mexico
"The Mexican"
James Taylor in Concert - Mexico
The Night of the Iguana (this is where we are staying)
Van Halen
The White House


Colleen Burns' Stalker. said...

Ahh yes, your continued vacations "near" the third world. Drink a margarita and have one of those spicy gorditas at Senoir Froggies for me.

Just keep Pedro on the other side of the resort fence. . . we can only take so much authenticity.

You could buy an anklet for Colleen Burns while you're there 'tho.

Molly said...

welcome home

Bill Carr said...

So Colleen Burns' stalker, you would prefer I vacation in Darfur or Kabul? What idiot would do that? Yes, many margaritas were consumed.

Thank you Molly