Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fox 4 News

It is amazing to me the job that I do and the amount of people that watch the show that I work on.

1.) On Sunday, Feb. 17, 177,799 households watched FOX 4 News at 9. That is households and not people. The average household is 2.5 people. I understand that not everyone in a household is watching, but its possible that as many as 445,000 people could be watching my newscast.
When American Idol is on, 224,075 HH (560,187 total) watched our News at 9. Half of a million people. I can't imagine what the total was for Super Bowl Sunday.

2.) Ed Bark is a former DMN writer who has a website, Uncle Barky, that chronicles DFW television. He also interviewed Tami's anchors, Megan Henderson and Tim Ryan, on Saturday at Stratos Greek Taverna in Dallas. So, this guy has a website that only TV junkies go to, yet, there was a decent crowd of people there. It's hard for me to remember that TV people are celebrities. Hell, even Tami was a celeb in Lufkin when she was a reporter.
Anyway, I'm rambling. Here's why TV sucks though. There is a NASCAR race that was supposed to start at 1:30pm. It started at 5:30pm, followed by two hours of prime time, then our newscast. So our newscast will get done around 1am, instead of 10:30pm.
Yeah TV

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