Saturday, May 03, 2008

theCarr Hall of Fame - Texas Rangers baseball

This year - 12-18 (.400) Worst in the AL. This is after a three game winning streak

Overall - 3,503-3,994 (.467)

Bad enough to always stink, but never good enough to do anything else.


The Rangers (when combined with the Senators (1961-1971) are the oldest franchise that has yet to appear in a World Series; in fact, they have yet to win any playoff series (0-3).

They are the oldest franchise in the 4 major pro sports to never win a championship.

In their history, the team has only one playoff victory (1-9, .100); Nine straight playoff losses; they have never won a home playoff game. By comparison, the Yankees are 202-137 (.596) in the playoffs with 26 world championships, 44-21 in playoff series.

The Rangers have had 16 winning seasons in 36 years finishing in last place 14 times and next to last eight more times.

Ranger "great" Rafael Palmeiro played 2,831 games in his career never going to a World Series (MLB record).

Ranger great Bubby Bell played 2,405 games while never reaching the postseason.

0 Cy Young awards

2007 ERA leader: Kevin Millwood (5.16). He was the only starter to qualify because he was the only pitcher to pitch more than 162 innings that year (172 2/3 IP)

Baseball reference has a list of the most popular teams of all time (according to site views). The 2001 Rangers are 132 out of 200 on the list. That's it. That team was loaded with talent. IRod, ARod, Palmeiro, Michael Young, Ruben Sierra. But there pitching was Rick Helling, Doug Davis and Darren Oliver (Team ERA - 5.71). They finished last.

Boy do you guys suck.

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